Can I Book an Airbnb for Someone Else?

As a remote worker, this question has almost certainly come up before. Unless you’re travelling exclusively by yourself, it’s possible that someone in your party may need to check-in before you. Or maybe you’re tasked with coordinating lodging for other remote workers in your company. I’ve been on the receiving side of this (someone else booked it for me without staying with me), and it was relatively painless. Regardless of the exact situation, this is very likely to happen along your travels.

Booking Airbnb Trips For Others: The Basics

Airbnb‘s booking system is relatively flexible, so this is definitely possible. As long as you’re a verified member of the Airbnb community, you basically be a virtual travel agent and create reservations on behalf of others.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that when you’re booking a stay for someone else, you’re in the driver’s seat. You handle the reservation request, make the introductions, and process the payment. Once the reservation is secured, you can then transfer responsibility for the trip to the guest. It’s actually pretty simple.

Communication is Key

One important thing to remember in this process is the value of communication. Once a reservation is accepted, both you (the person who made the booking) and the guest (the person for whom you booked) join the message thread with the host. This means all three parties—booker, guest, and host—can receive and engage in all trip communications. It’s a neat little system designed to keep everyone in the loop and ensure a smooth Airbnb experience.

What If The Guest Doesn’t Have an Airbnb Account?

Here’s a common scenario: you’re ready to book a place, but the guest doesn’t have an Airbnb profile. Not to worry! Airbnb’s system is robust enough to handle this situation as well.

When you checkout and pay, Airbnb will send an email to the guest, guiding them through the process of creating an Airbnb account and accepting your booking request. It’s more streamlined if they already have an account in advance, especially in the instance of an employee checking in somewhere (business accounts), but again, not required.

Keep in mind that if you booked using a credit card, you might see a pre-authorization hold on your card while this process takes place. It’s a standard procedure that ensures funds are available for the transaction. Once the reservation is confirmed, your payment method will be charged, and voila! You have successfully booked an Airbnb for someone else.

Tips for a Smooth Booking Process

Now that you understand the basics, here are some additional details to ensure a smooth booking process:

  1. Verify Your Account: If you haven’t done so already, make sure your Airbnb account is verified. This helps build trust with the host and streamlines the booking process.
  2. Communicate Clearly: When making the booking, explain to the host that you’re booking on behalf of someone else. Clear communication from the start can prevent confusion later on.
  3. Provide Guest Details: Share the guest’s details with the host, including the reason for their stay. This is especially important for hosts who like to know a bit about their guests. When I book I even go so far as to give the host an idea of why I’m there. Maybe it’s for a conference or event, a client meeting, etc. In my opinion that gives an additional level of authenticity to the booking.


So, whether you’re a dedicated office manager organizing corporate travel or a thoughtful friend planning a surprise vacation, Airbnb’s platform gives you the flexibility to book for others. Just remember to keep communication lines open, and don’t worry if your guest isn’t already part of the Airbnb community. With Airbnb’s user-friendly system, you can arrange and confirm reservations with ease. Happy booking!

Jared Carrizales

Jared has worked remotely for 15 years in various marketing capacities, and has managed hundreds of marketing campaigns along the way. He has held freelance, agency, and in-house positions for companies large and small.

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