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Being a remote worker or digital nomad has a lot of advantages, greater freedom being one of the most important. This isn’t just a freedom to work however suits you, but also to work wherever you like. Domestically, you can operate from your home office, a favorite coffee shop, or hop from city to city. You can also make last-minute decisions to jump on a plane so you can start your work day in a fresh new country and culture.

Yet, it’s vital to understand that taking best advantage of these freedoms requires resources. You still need to be productive wherever you plan to work from. Among your most important tools to make this happen is a reliable and cost-effective phone plan. The good news is that there’s an increasing number of robust and competitive options available. So, we’ve laid out some features you should prioritize, along with some of the best phone plans for remote workers and digital nomads, as recommended by those with experience in the field.

Essential Features to Prioritize

Choosing the best phone plan as a remote worker or digital nomad is primarily about selecting the most impactful features. You need to look for a plan that provides the infrastructure that makes it a powerful tool for both your work responsibilities and your travel lifestyle.

Some of the features to prioritize may include:

  • Unlimited data: Having unlimited data is a necessity for digital nomads, particularly those who need to use a hotspot primarily. Similarly, remote workers that work in cafes or public spaces benefit from this. It’s especially important if your tasks involve using video calling apps and downloading large files. Phone plans that offer high-speed, unlimited data, enable you to work without the financial constraints that limited plans offer.
  • International roaming: Digital nomads are increasingly working not just at home but also abroad. You definitely want to avoid roaming charges where possible. Some phone plan providers offer international roaming as part of their packages. Prioritizing this is vital for those who intend to spend frequent time working in other countries.
  • 5G capability: 5G is swiftly becoming a vital tool for digital nomads and remote workers. Phone plans with 5G network capability offer enhanced speed and reliability, alongside minimal lag. This is available even in traditionally high-traffic or low coverage locations. By treating this as a priority feature in phone plan selections, digital nomads or remote workers can ensure they can always experience high-quality video calls and faster data transfer times.

Another important element to be mindful of is the nuanced terms and conditions for each plan. Some providers certainly seem to offer significant features and benefits, yet not understanding the limitations on use can lead to cost and productivity issues. Make sure you do a deep dive into the small print so you can make informed decisions.

“Part of Google Fi’s terms say that you have to use their service primarily in the United States. After six months, they cut off our service and we had to use local SIM cards for the rest of our overseas trip. For anyone who is heading overseas for six months or less, I still strongly recommend Google Fi.”

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Best Phone Plans for Domestic Remote Work

When choosing the best phone plans for remote workers and digital nomads, an important point of distinction is getting a plan that’s relevant to the area you’re working in. Digital nomadism doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be jet-setting around the world. However, you can still take advantage of the van life or travel opportunities here in the U.S. As a result, you’ll need a plan that doesn’t necessarily need roaming, but still meets your mobile working needs. 

Some of the plans that are recognized as good for domestic remote work include:

Verizon Business Unlimited Plans

Verizon is generally regarded as having relatively good domestic network coverage, which can be good for remote work in most areas of the U.S. The company offers a range of Business Unlimited plans that offer unlimited talk, text, and data. These plans also offer unlimited 5G data, though it’s worth noting that while Verizon’s 4G coverage is pretty extensive, its 5G coverage is a lot more limited. Therefore, it’s worth considering how high on your priorities 5G is at the moment.

This is the plan I have. It’s awesome for domestic nomadism in the States, but I also use it for my short-term international trips as well (optional add-on). As long as the trip isn’t longer than 3 weeks, I enjoy using it there as well. Mostly because I’m a little lazy and would rather not worry about changing things up if I don’t have to. It’s not cheap at $10 per day while out of the country (Mexico and Canada are exceptions), but I typically have the same speeds, and can still use it as a hotspot while working remotely.

Price: Between $30 and $45 per line per month (2024 price).

AT&T Business Unlimited Plans

AT&T’s Business Unlimited plans are tailored to suit teams of remote workers. These plans provide unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data, including 5G data. Most of their business plans also come loaded with advanced security features to protect sensitive work-related information. That said, the pricing of these plans are often dependent on how many lines you choose to subscribe to. Therefore, they tend to be most cost effective if you’re running a business with multiple remote workers rather than operating solo.

Price: Between $40 and $50 per month based on 6 lines (2024 price).

Visible+ Plans

Visible is a digital carrier that is powered by Verizon. It’s essentially marketed toward remote workers who are looking for simplicity and affordability in their phone plans. The Visible+ plan includes unlimited domestic data, messages, and minutes. If you’re planning the occasional trip abroad, this plan also includes 500 minutes per month roaming and unlimited data. That said, this plan also throttles data speeds after 50gb per month domestic and 500mb per day international. Therefore, it’s usually best for those who have good home access to Wi-Fi but occasionally use data outside the home.

Price: $45 per month (2024 price).

Best Phone Plans for International Digital Nomads

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For digital nomads and remote workers with a more global footprint, having a phone plan with cost-effective and reliable international coverage is a necessity. This is not just a matter of exploring the types of features you could have, but also ensuring that the provider you’re with has coverage in the countries you’re planning on spending time in.

Some phone plans that are recognized for excelling in providing international coverage include:

Google Fi Unlimited

Google Fi is renowned for its relatively seamless international coverage. With access to networks in over 200 countries and territories, Google Fi automatically connects to the best available network, providing reliable connectivity practically worldwide. The plans offer unlimited calls, text, and data, with the Unlimited Plus plan also including unlimited shareable data for tablet devices and 100gb of Google One storage. That said, the terms and conditions state that it is not intended for international use over 90 consecutive days. Therefore, this is a good option for digital nomads that spend frequent yet relatively short amounts of time outside the U.S.

Price: Between $80 and $110 per month for 2 lines (2024 price).

T-Mobile Magenta and Magenta MAX Plans

T-Mobile’s Magenta plans offer not just the usual features of a phone plan, but also some additional perks. It offers unlimited talk, text, and data at home, with unlimited data and texting in over 210 countries. Though, when abroad it’s important to know that speeds are limited to 256kbps. You also have unlimited Wi-Fi during flights with their Gogo service. They offer 5G network access, too, as standard. Given that you’re not going to be all-work all the time whether at home or abroad, the package also offers discounts and offers each Tuesday, as well as access to streaming entertainment.

Price: Between $140 and $170 per month for 3 phone lines (2024 prices).

T-Mobile’s Magenta plan…has unlimited text and data in over 210 countries and destinations, making it a dependable companion for any digital nomad. This plan also includes Netflix, which is a fun perk during downtime on the move.

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Wrapping Up

Choosing the right phone plan can ensure you can thrive as a remote worker or digital nomad. Some, like Visible+ are good if you only need the absolute basics, while plans like T-Mobile’s Magenta are packed with extras. It’s important to have some clarity on not just what your budget is, but also what features suit your working and travel needs best. Remember that costs and features are changing all the time. So, it’s vital to keep checking the marketplace, in case there are opportunities to switch to something more suitable.

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