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digital nomad walking along the Seine river on her phone

The Best Phone Plans Digital Nomads

Being a remote worker or digital nomad has a lot of advantages, greater freedom being one of the most important. This isn’t just a freedom to work however suits you, but also to work wherever you like. Domestically, you can operate from your home office, a favorite coffee shop, or hop from city to city….

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A panel showing an employee working from home on the left and an employee working from an office cubicle on the right

What is a Hybrid Work Schedule [With Examples]

The choice between in-office and remote operations continues to be a topic of debate in the current business landscape. Certainly, each has various advantages for workers and business leaders alike. However, it’s worth considering that the either/or approach isn’t the only option available. Many companies are currently exploring the potential for finding a good middle…

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A woman working from home sitting at her workspace

What is a Virtual Commute?

Over the course of my speaking engagements I’ve met many work-from-home professionals who share a common concern: “It’s hard to get started in the morning” or “It’s hard to unplug in the evening.” This resonates with me, because I have the same problem. So much so that I will physically get dressed and commute to…

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A remote worker walking down the city streets with his laptop bag

Job Skills Over Degree: The Rise of Remote New Collar Workers

The employment landscape has undergone some significant developments in the last decade or so. Obviously, there’s the shifts in employee priorities, brought on by economic turmoil and the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention that remote and hybrid working practices are becoming increasingly prominent. But, a fresh “collar” designation has also emerged recently: new collar workers….

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Comparison of two different types of office spaces

Hot Desking vs Hoteling: What’s the Difference?

As more people embrace remote working, digital nomadism, and work-from-home setups, hot desking and hoteling have gained significant traction. But what exactly are these strategies, and how do they differ? First, let’s define each of them. What is Hot Desking? Hot desking is a workspace management system where desks are used by different people at…

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A remote worker overwhelmed by the work she has to do while sitting at her desk

Using AI in Your Remote Work Stack for Greater Productivity

Let’s face it, AI is all the rage right now. And honestly, for good reason. I’ve personally seen how it can 3x the productivity of some companies. It seems like the smaller the entity (i.e., freelancers and one-man companies), the more beneficial it can be for them. Personally, the implementation of AI in my stack…

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employees working in a hot desking office environment

Hot Desking Advantages and Disadvantages

The hot desking concept has transcended traditional office boundaries and offers a dynamic approach to workspace utilization. As the global workforce becomes more mobile and flexible, the intricacies of hot desking may look more and more appealing to hybrid and remote workers. But first, let’s discuss the basics of what hot desking actually is… What…

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Two people working remotely and sharing documents

How to Share Files Securely with a Remote Team

Having a remote team opens you up to a variety of benefits. Your overheads may be lower, your business can be more agile, and you can access a diverse global talent pool. That said, there are certainly some risks involved with this approach. One of the most prevalent potential issues involves sharing files securely with…

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A group of remote workers getting to know each other

60 Team Building Questions for Remote Workers

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about 5 remote team members, or 50, it takes effort for coworkers (and managers!) to get acquainted with each other. There’s no physical water cooler, no collaborative stand-up meetings, or long lunches to help facilitate togetherness. It’s incredibly important to have a bond with your remote team members, and…

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This is How Much a Coworking Membership Costs in Your State

As remote workers, we’re often alone during our workday. It’s important that we still have some type of human interaction during our work. Many of us turn to coworking spaces to provide that personal and professional connection. Having said that, the cost of a coworking membership can be a barrier to entry for some. This…

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a man being interviewed by a remote hiring manager

Interview Questions for Remote Employees

I estimate that I’ve interviewed a couple hundred remote workers in the last 15 years. Some were for long, permanent jobs. Others were for one-off projects that only lasted a couple of months. Regardless of the exact situation, good questions are the centerpiece of an interview. In this post I want to dive into some…

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distrusting helicopter manager with employee

Remote Managers: Do You Have These 10 “Helicopter Boss” Traits?

When the world went remote, managers with a traditional background were affected in very unique ways. They went from a world of seeing their employees in person every day, to not seeing anyone for months at a time. For your average 45+ year-old manager, this was (and continues to be) quite the culture shock. Unfortunately,…

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Man very bored on a remote meeting

11 Tactics to Help You Stay Focused During Remote Meetings

Regardless of what industry you’re in, remote meetings have become a staple for many businesses around the globe. While they offer flexibility and convenience, staying focused during these digital marathons can be rough. Each strategy below is designed to accommodate different styles, environments, and most importantly: meeting type. Obviously, you can’t do too much if…

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How Does Remote Work Impact New Hire Employees?

No longer confined to traditional office boundaries, the global workforce is stepping into an era where work is an activity rather than a place. Think about that for a second…would you have thought that just a few short years ago?! This shift has been expedited by global circumstances and is having a profound impact on…

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woman working next to window

Coworking Companies That Have an International Presence

The rise of remote work has been notable, especially with the ever-increasing number of digital nomads. The search for a reliable, flexible, and conducive workspace is critical, and coworking spaces have emerged as a viable solution. In this post, I’m breaking down coworking space companies that are in multiple countries and regions around the world….

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work from home employee signing contract

Sample Remote Work Offer Letter [TEMPLATE]

As the saying goes, “change is the only constant,” and nowhere is this truer than in the dynamic landscape of work. Picture this: just a few short years ago, the idea of remote work was a far-off vision, a promising possibility that was probably going to take decades to be fully accepted (still might). But…

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A private room in a hostel

Hostels with Private Rooms: Why They Matter for Remote Workers

In the era of widespread remote working, the concept of a workspace has radically transformed. Gone are the days when work was confined to the four walls of an office cubicle. Today, work can happen from anywhere – a quiet café in Paris, a serene beach in Bali, or a cozy Airbnb nestled in the…

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couch in living room

9 Couchsurfing Alternatives in 2023

Ever find yourself daydreaming of waking up to the aroma of fresh Italian espresso in a quaint Rome apartment, or of exchanging ideas with a group of creative minds in a bustling co-working space in Tokyo? As dreamy as these scenarios sound, we know that globe-trotting doesn’t exactly come cheap. But what if we told…

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