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The rise of remote work has been notable, especially with the ever-increasing number of digital nomads. The search for a reliable, flexible, and conducive workspace is critical, and coworking spaces have emerged as a viable solution.

In this post, I’m breaking down coworking space companies that are in multiple countries and regions around the world. Most remote workers, including myself, are very budget-conscious. But if doesn’t do much good if you have to buy a new coworking membership everytime you visit a new country, right? These international coworking companies will help you make the best decision based on where you’re visiting and what kind of environment you want to work in.

WeWork: A Global Giant in Coworking

WeWork is virtually everywhere with over 700 locations in 120 cities globally. This robust footprint that WeWork has allows members all around the world to have a comfortable space to work. That’s their All Access membership. As with most higher-end coworking space companies, it isn’t just about desk space. There’s several free amenities like coffee, mail service (with membership), free lunch on certain days, large online community via the WeWork app, phone booths, even networking events. It’s not without its downsides though…some users have found WeWork spaces to be a bit crowded.

I’ve been to multiple WeWorks around the world, and the biggest downside I’ve seen is the inconsistentcy in memberships. Some are super busy, some are empty. I think that has a lot to do with their growth problems of late as well as aggressive pricing company-wide.

  • Membership: WeWork’s All Access membership offers comprehensive access to any WeWork location, costing around $149-$299 per month depending on location and amenities.
  • Presence: Over 700 locations in 120 cities globally.


A true, global presence.

Access to various amenities including high-speed internet, business-class printers, and private phone booths.


WeWork locations can sometimes be over-priced, especially for offices.

Regus: Office Solutions Anywhere You Go

With its international stature, Regus is hard to overlook. Boasting more than 3000 locations in over 120 countries, Regus certainly has made its mark in the coworking industry. Its Businessworld membership is like a golden ticket, allowing its holders to work comfortably in any of their offices worldwide.

The value of Regus extends beyond its reach; it’s also about providing a functional and professional workspace. Think high-speed internet, a range of desk options, and administrative support. It’s practically a business on-the-go. Some, however, might find the decor a touch too corporate, lacking the creativity-inspiring vibe that some other spaces radiate. But if your priority is professionalism and functionality, Regus might be just what you’re looking for.

  • Membership: The Businessworld membership grants global access to Regus locations with prices starting from $109 per month for lounge access, with costs escalating for more comprehensive services.
  • Presence: Over 3000 locations in 120+ countries.


Extensive global reach providing substantial flexibility.

Offers a variety of office solutions, from hot desks to private offices.


Some may find the decor and atmosphere too corporate or lacking in creative inspiration.

Spaces: Building a Global Creative Community

A creative mind needs a creative space, and that’s where Spaces steps in. As a subsidiary of IWG, the same company that owns Regus, Spaces has developed its unique identity in the coworking industry. With its locations dotting Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa, Spaces extends its reach to all corners of the world.

From the couple Spaces locations I’ve been to, it seems like they try to have an emphasis on walkability when choosing their locations. Also, similar to WeWork, their spaces can vary wildly when it comes to how crowded certain locations are. I’ve noticed that locations in suburbs are usually more crowded than in more densily-populated areas…at least here in the States.

  • Membership: The Global Access membership provides worldwide access, with prices starting from $269 per month.
  • Presence: 480+ locations across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.


Strong emphasis on building a global creative community.

Provides 24/7 access to any Spaces location.


The community-centric model may not align with those seeking a more private workspace.

Impact Hub: Where Social Innovation Thrives

If your interest is drawn to social entrepreneurship and creating a positive impact, then Impact Hub might be the coworking space for you. With over 100 locations spread across 50+ countries, Impact Hub isn’t just a workspace, it’s a global community dedicated to social innovation.

The Global Passport membership offered by Impact Hub is more than just a pass to a workspace. It’s an invitation to join a global network of change-makers, innovators, and social entrepreneurs. However, it’s worth noting that each Impact Hub is independently operated, resulting in variation in the amenities offered and the atmosphere at each location. This can certainly be seen as a con, but others might appreciate the unique character each Impact Hub location brings to the table.

  • Membership: The Global Passport membership provides global access, with prices varying by location.
  • Presence: Over 100 locations in 50+ countries.


Focus on social innovation and impact.

Access to a global community of social entrepreneurs.


Amenities and atmosphere can vary as each Impact Hub is independently operated.

JustCo – A Leader in the Asian Coworking Industry

With its roots in Singapore, JustCo has branched out to various major cities across Asia. Being a member of JustCo isn’t just about getting a workspace, it’s about becoming part of an innovative ecosystem.

JustCo’s unique appeal lies in its commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. A JustCo membership offers you not just a workspace, but an opportunity to be part of networking events, workshops, and seminars for members in certain industries. A month-to-month hotdesk membership starts at $300 per, but is significantly lower if you engage to a 9 month commitment.

However, it’s important to note that JustCo’s presence is currently limited to Asia. This might be a drawback for those who work and travel globally. But for those focused on the Asian market, JustCo can be a valuable partner in your journey.

  • Membership: JustCo membership prices vary by location.
  • Presence: Multiple locations across Asia.


Strong focus on innovation and community building.

Provides access to networking events, workshops, and seminars.


Limited presence outside Asia.

Mindspace: High-end Coworking Gone Global

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, even in their workspace, Mindspace is a coworking brand to consider. Offering high-end, tailored coworking spaces, Mindspace has locations across Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, offering a premium experience to its members.

Being a Mindspace member isn’t simply about a desk in a shared office; it’s about experiencing an elevated level of coworking space. Each Mindspace location is carefully designed to inspire creativity and productivity. With a Mindspace membership, you can expect to enjoy stylishly designed spaces, curated events, and an engaging community. They have daily, monthly, and hybrid membership options, with their day pass starting at €27.

However, Mindspace, while exquisite, may not be the best fit for everyone. It’s high-end nature is reflected in its membership costs, which could be a limiting factor for some. But for those who appreciate its unique offerings and can afford it, Mindspace provides a premium coworking experience.

  • Membership: Mindspace membership costs vary by location and level of access.
  • Presence: Locations across Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.


High-end, stylishly designed coworking spaces.

Access to curated events and an engaging community.


Higher membership costs due to its premium offering.

Selina: A Blend of Travel, Work, and Play

If you are a digital nomad who loves to blend work with travel and leisure, then Selina might be an ideal choice for you. Originating in Latin America, Selina has spread its unique concept to have an international coworking presence as well.

But, Selina isn’t just a coworking space. It’s a hybrid between a coworking space, a hotel, and a hostel. With a Selina CoWork membership, you can expect to have access to comfortable workspaces, accommodations, wellness programs, and social events. Imagine finishing a work presentation, and then heading for a yoga class or a live music event right where you are staying!

However, Selina’s offering might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are someone who prefers a quiet and undisturbed workspace, the lively and dynamic atmosphere of Selina might be a bit too much. But for the free spirits who love to work hard and play hard, Selina offers an unmatched experience.

It should also be noted that Selina has a coliving program that’s quite popular. The pricing for that starts at $330/month.

  • Membership: Selina CoWork membership prices vary based on location.
  • Presence: Locations across Latin America, Europe, and North America.


Unique blend of workspace, accommodations, and social events.

Suitable for digital nomads and remote workers who love to mix work with leisure.


The lively and dynamic atmosphere might be distracting for those who prefer quiet workspaces.

The Hive: Creativity Coworking

With a stronghold in the markets of Asia, The Hive presents itself as a network of creative coworking spaces. They have locations in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and more, The Hive offers a distinct coworking experience for its members.

A Hive membership offers more than just access to their beautifully designed spaces. It offers an opportunity to be part of a community of creatives, techies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Each Hive location also offers workshops, social events, and opportunities to network and collaborate.

However, it’s worth noting that The Hive’s presence is currently limited to Asia and Australia, which might be a limitation for those who work and travel globally. But for those focused on these regions, Given the large digital nomad community in Asia, this may not be much of an issue at all for you!

  • Membership: The Hive membership costs vary based on location and services.
  • Presence: Locations across Asia and Australia.


Beautifully designed spaces aimed at inspiring creativity.

Offers access to workshops, social events, and networking opportunities.


Limited presence outside Asia and Australia.

Coworker Global Pass: Get into the World’s Workspaces

If flexibility is your mantra and you love exploring different coworking spaces across the globe, then Coworker Global Pass is a concept worth considering. Unlike traditional coworking companies, Coworker Global Pass offers you access to a vast network of coworking spaces around the world.

A Coworker Global Pass doesn’t tie you down to one particular space or chain. Instead, it provides you the liberty to choose from over 3000 coworking spaces in more than 100 countries. You get to choose a space that suits your work style and requirements, wherever you might be.

However, the experience and amenities you get can vary widely from one space to another. While this unpredictability might be exciting for some, others might prefer consistency in their work environment. If you are someone who loves variety and flexibility, the Coworker Global Pass could be an excellent coworking solution for you.

  • Membership: The Coworker Global Pass starts from $50 per month for 5 days of access to coworking spaces in the network.
  • Presence: Access to over 3000 coworking spaces in more than 100 countries.


Unmatched flexibility with access to a vast network of coworking spaces.

Opportunity to choose a space that fits your work style and requirements.


The experience and amenities can vary widely from one space to another.

Which One Will You Choose?

While each coworking company has its unique strengths and potential drawbacks, the right choice would entirely depend on your individual requirements. It’s not about which company is objectively the best; it’s about which one is the best fit for you. After all, a workspace that inspires you, supports your productivity, and connects you with like-minded professionals can make all the difference in your work life.

So, take the time to explore and find that perfect coworking space – your professional journey deserves it. Happy coworking!

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