3 Ways Employers Calculate Salaries for Remote Workers

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Over the past two years, remote work has had an enormous upswing. Although remote work was already becoming more common with companies aiming to improve morale and their work environments, it now seems like the norm.  Remote jobs have transformed the way that many employees think of work; they’re more flexible and don’t come with …

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The Remote Onboarding Process

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A virtual onboarding process is a way for an organization to introduce new employees to their company, culture, and colleagues remotely, typically through a combination of online tools and virtual meetings. The specific components of a virtual onboarding process will vary depending on the needs and resources of the organization, but they all have some …

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Remote Communication That’s Effective for Your Team

several remote team members communicating through Zoom

Communication is extremely important for remote teams. Team members won’t have the opportunity to communicate one-on-one as they would in a traditional office setting. Therefore, it is important for remote teams to establish clear and effective communication channels to ensure that all team members are able to stay informed and collaborate effectively. Once these channels …

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Are Coworking Spaces Worth the Money?

talking at coworking space

For the past 3-5 years, coworking spaces have been quite the rage in the remote/freelancer arena. Most businesses, however, have stayed largely out of the fray, with the exception of flexible, in-the-know small businesses. Enter covid. The pandemic left companies of all sizes scrambling to find suitable workspaces for their employees. Many were fine to …

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Stipends For Remote Workers – What You Need to Know

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Stipends for remote workers can vary from unbelievably amazing, to damn near worthless. Part of the reason for this is that hiring managers and companies alike are just figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Believe it or not, it can be difficult to predict what employees from Company X vs employees from Company Y …

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How to Network Virtually

laptop open at virtual networking party

Admittedly, this is a foreign question to many. However, with so many people not working in offices now, it’s an important one. Networking, virtually or not, is important. It helps create connections that are necessary for your professional career. No matter what you do, or how long you’re at a company or in a position, …

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How to Quit a Remote Job

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Resigning from a remote role is probably a foreign concept for many reading this post. It may even be your first time to have a remote role altogether. Don’t worry, there’s probably less that you have to worry about than you think. The good news is that this isn’t too terribly different from resigning from …

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